Director Alice Fitzgerald has been awarded funding by Arts Council England to undertake a two-week R&D of new play Trace in May 2019. The R&D will take place between 20th and 31st May at the Old Diorama Arts Centre in London, supported by their Associate Performer Scheme. 

The team will work with five adult actors and one child actor over the course of the R&D, and are currently in the process of casting for the project. Movement director Steve Kirkham and sound designer Anna Clock will also be joining the R&D to explore the physical and aural language of the play.

Trace is a play that explores issues of grief, loss and dementia. As part of the workshop process, the team will be engaging with leading experts in dementia research and palliative care, who will offer advice and guidance on the depiction of this condition.

The Trace team hope to take the play to full production in early 2020.


Trace follows the interlinking stories of nine characters, bound together by experiences of loss and grief. The play traverses two worlds; the world of reality and a strange in-between world. The characters cross and collide, journeying between these worlds in a search for love, life, family and memory.


Dates: Workshop - 20-31 May (Old Diorama Arts Centre) | Industry Sharing - 31 May (Old Diorama Arts Centre)
Director: Alice Fitzgerald
Producer: Lexi Clare

Playwright: Louise Breckon-Richards      


The Boy - nine years old.

Rachel - mid-forties. Rachel is the Boy’s mother.

John - mid-twenties. John is Rachel’s father.

Becky - late teens.

David - late forties / early fifties. David is Becky’s Father. 

Albert - late seventies /early eighties. Albert has advanced Dementia. Albert is David’s Father. 

Kervela - late teens.

Sally - mid-fifties.

Dodo - no specific age or gender. The Dodo is a figment of The Boy's imagination.